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Understanding epilepsy and where to turn for information can be challenging and we’re here to help. We offer two distinct forms of assistance: support groups and information/referrals.


Support Group (Meet and Greet)

Group support is an important resource for anyone living with a chronic illness. Support groups are led by one of our community educators who have extensive personal and professional experience coping with epilepsy and its impact on families and caregivers. These support groups provide knowledge and understanding along with an opportunity for attendees to share experiences and resources in a confidential setting.

Having epilepsy or caring for someone with epilepsy can be very challenging. Things that are often taken for granted–driving, access to medical care, working/finding employment, learning, building relationships–can be difficult. A support group gives individuals a place to talk about these issues with others who share in this experience and understand what support is needed. It is also a place for information exchange and resource sharing; our attendees often remark how reassuring it is to be able to share their stories and challenges with each other.

Whether you are living with epilepsy or are a caregiver/relative of someone who is, we invite you to attend a support group. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Meet and Greet support groups are a fun and informative way to meet others affected by epilepsy in Delaware. All of our support groups are conducted in a safe and encouraging environment.

Meet and Greet currently being held virtually.

The 2nd Wednesday of each month is a general meet and greet. All are welcome to attend.

The 4th Wednesday of each month will be geared to specific groups or topics.

Please check our events calendar for more information on these upcoming events.

Information and Referral

IEP/School Questions
We can help with your questions about your child and school. We can train the staff at your school, answer IEP and 504 questions, attend meetings with you and provide support. If you have specific questions about IEP’s  the Parent Information Center of Delaware has lots of answers!

ADA/Epilepsy in the Workplace Questions
Are you looking for a job and you have epilepsy? Are you unsure about what your rights are under the Americans with Disability Act? We can help with those questions and more and even assist with SSDI applications.

Driving in Delaware with Epilepsy
People of age with epilepsy in Delaware can drive if they have seizure control! We can help answer any questions about driving with epilepsy. Visit this website for more information.

Emergency Medication
Sometimes the price of your medication may suddenly rise or you may be between jobs. If you find yourself unable to pay for your epilepsy medication, give us a call. We can direct you to programs to get deeply discounted medication and may even be able to offset some of the cost of your medication.

Project UPLIFT
Did you know that depression and anxiety affect people with epilepsy at a higher rate than the general population? Project UPLIFT helps combat those feelings and teaches skills to live well with epilepsy. This over the phone skill building program is held a few times a year. Give us a call for more information.