Epilepsy & Seizure Response Training for Law Enforcement

Complex partial seizures can cloud awareness, block normal communication, and produce a variety of undirected, involuntary, and unorganized movements that can be mistaken for aggression. The results can be injury due to restraint or false arrests. Our one-hour Epilepsy & Seizure Response Training for Law Enforcement helps law enforcement learn to correctly respond to seizures and become aware of the unique needs of people with epilepsy who might be taken into police custody.

This program is offered at all three of Delaware’s police academies as well to correctional officers, Downtown Visions employees, and probation/parole officers.

Epilepsy & Seizure Response Training for First Responders

This one-hour training is designed for emergency medical services (EMS) staff. The curriculum describes a variety of seizures associated with epilepsy, seizures with other causes, appropriate EMS response on scene, and issues to be considered when determining whether or not further medical care is necessary.

Schedule a Training

Please contact the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware to schedule training for your staff. Call us at (302) 999-9313 or email efd@efde.org.