Seizure Recognition and Management for Early Childhood Education Providers

This one-hour program is certified for level-two training credit through the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood at the University of Delaware (DIEEC). Participation in the Seizure Recognition & Management Program is reflected as one professional development hour in the participating teacher’s DIEEC Registry Transcript.

Content covered includes:

    • An explanation of what seizures are
    • Prevalence of epilepsy
    • Causes of epilepsy
    • First aid for different types of seizures
    • Treatment options for epilepsy
    • Seizure triggers
    • Impact of seizures on learning and behavior
    • Supporting children with epilepsy
    • Teaching other children about epilepsy
             Truth behind common epilepsy myths

This free program is offered on-site at early learning centers throughout Delaware. Donations are appreciated to defer the costs for materials, staff time, and travel. A minimum audience of 10 is preferred.

Seizure Recognition & First Aid: In-Service Training for School Personnel

This one-hour of less in-service training will empower teachers and other school staff to recognize the four most common types of seizures and to respond effectively to a student having a seizure.

Content also covers:

    • What causes seizures
    • Characteristics of absence, generalized tonic-clonic, simple partial, and complex partial seizures
    • Exactly what to do when a student is having a seizure
    • When emergency medical services are required and when they are not
    • How to help a student immediately following a seizure
             How to reassure other students who witness a seizure

This free program is offered on-site at schools throughout Delaware and is also available to future teachers enrolled in university education courses. Please contact the Epilepsy Foundation of Delaware to schedule training for your staff. Call us at (302) 999-9313 or email

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